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Title: Benefits of coconut oil to the brain
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The brain and the entire nervous system thrive on the pedals of healthy dietary fat. The ability of coconut oil to increase cholesterol level is very important to the brain.
Nervous system regulates many important body functions like heart rate, breathing, digestion, cellular functions and homeostatic balance.  The nervous system deserves the best nutrients to maintain function.
Neurons are the smallest functional units of the nervous system; they consist of a body and axons. The body consists of nucleus and dendrites that receive signals. Axons which are normally covered by a protective coating called myelin sheath transmit signals. The quality and speed of signal transmission is determined by the health of the myelin sheath.
The brain is mostly fats over 60%. Unlike popular opinions cholesterol is very good for the brain. Over 25% of body cholesterol is resident in the brain, making the brain one of the most cholesterol loving organs. There have been reported cases of increases in risk of suicide, depression, and dementia in persons with low cholesterol.
Essential fatty acids are important in the health of the nervous system. They include the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. They are called essential because the body canít synthesize them. They require dietary intake to meet daily body requirements.
Coconut oil is an essential fatty acid with many health benefits, it feeds the brain. It contains medium-chain triglycerides unlike most vegetable oils that contain long-chain fatty acids. Medium-chain fatty acids are easier to break down and serve as backup source for energy.
Coconut oil and human breast milk are the two significant sources of medium chain triglycerides.
The brain requires energy to survive; this energy is obtained from glucose; deficiency of this fuel for energy leads to death of neurons which is not something anyone prays for. 
The medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil are converted into ketones by the liver during starvation. They eventually cross the blood-brain-barrier and serve as energy source. Coconut oil can bypass glucose metabolism getting energy into the brain.
Youíve probably heard and read many things about coconut oil. I will like to say many of these things are true. It has been used in treatment of Alzheimerís, dementia, Parkinsonís, stroke, and traumatic brain injury. It is known to reduce the beta amyloid plaques that cause Alzheimerís and studies have shown ketone bodies to be helpful in these conditions. Dr Newport of University of Florida and other researchers have documented clinical trials favouring coconut oil use in patients with different nervous system ailments. Her husband who had Alzheimerís was used for this clinical trial.

Worthy of note is its benefits in reduction of diabetic complications, brain ageing, memory loss, depression, ADHD, autism and anxiety.
In conclusion your nervous system deserves coconut oil