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How to boost your immune system
« on: November 25, 2017, 06:07:02 PM »
 The immune system consists of cells, tissues and organs that form a network working together to wade off infections (invaders). These invaders include bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi. Many infections are linked with these bad bugs. The immune system help fight off the infections.

 Though not visible to our eyes our immune system is always launching attacks on bacteria and viruses preventing them from entering the cells.

Immune response functions on their own and usually do not need aid to maintain these roles.  Some practices are however known to enhance optimum performance. They are outlined below:
Hygiene is usually the first level of defence to keep these bad bugs that cause infections afar off. Maintaining good personal hygiene is very important if you must stop their menace. This not only keeps you healthy but also protects the people around you. The following hygiene practices will be helpful:
Hand washing
Regular hand-washing using soap and water or with sanitizers , washing before cooking, before eating and after using the rest room. The world health organisation calls this the five moments of hand washing.
Good cough and sneezing etiquette
Your nose and mouth should be covered with tissue paper whenever you cough or sneeze. This is particularly important in diseases transmitted by aerosols like tuberculosis. This helps reduce cross infection.
Good Wound Etiquette
Avoid leaving wounds and cuts open. Leaving it open can lead to introduction of infections and further worsen your immunity. Avoid touching healing wounds and squeezing of pimples to prevent introduction of infections as well.  And most importantly donít forget to seek medical attention. Avoid self-medication when it comes to wounds and cuts as well as other health issues.
Adequate Immunisation or Vaccination
So many serious illnesses can be prevented with vaccination. Forget the lies theyíre trying to sell to discourage vaccination. This is one step that can fortify your immune system and help them fight off invaders. Of particular importance is immunization of children and pregnant women as they are considered the vulnerable age group. Immunize children based on doctorsí national guidelines. Usually there is a national immunization schedule in every country that prescribes the normal routine vaccination every child or individual is supposed to obtain. Adults travelling to other countries or exposed to certain risks by virtue of occupational exposure are require to take some booster doses of some vaccines to help foster immune function. Pregnant woman are mandated to complete tetanus toxoid immunization  during pregnancy to help prevent tetanus in the baby and the mother.

Ensure Food Safety
Food stored or prepared under unhygienic processes can become a poison. Eating contaminated foods can cause life threatening medical problems. Ensure food safety from farm to fork. The gastrointestinal tract which house our digestive functions is the centre of immunity. A proper gut is likened to a proper and functional immune system. Separate raw and cooked food, wash food properly before preparation, store food in adequate temperature and wash hands before cooking and after using the restroom. Buy meats from healthy abattoirs.

Donít travel to places with Current epidemic
Observe safety measures before travelling to certain places. Donít evade medical screening as they are in place for your own good. Caucasians who are visiting Africa for the first time should be mindful of the black manís disease called malaria. African dwellers have already built immunity that can withstand this unlike first time visitors from non-endemic areas. These visitors when infected with malaria usually culminate into fatal outcomes. Certain vaccines are required before international travel, make sure you reach your doctor and attain all necessary fitness tests before embarking on your journey.

Good Food choices
Including more vegetables and fruits in your diet, is one sure way of boosting your immunity. Like I said earlier the gut is the seat of immunity and what we eat directly or indirectly affects our immunity, so in your choice of what to eat make more healthy choices Avoid building on your bad cholesterol with junk foods and unhealthy diets. Avoid food prepared under unsanitary conditions and contaminated with faeces. What enters your mouth as food is actually very important.

Finally, you have the secrets that can boost your immunity and make you stay strong. Nothing fortifies the immune system like healthy practices.

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