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How to know pure honey
« on: November 28, 2017, 11:12:17 PM »
Are you in a situation where youíre trying to figure out if the honey you consume daily is pure honey?
After reading this post youíll be able to know what pure honey looks like.
Tv adverts of pure honey most times are far off what real pure honey looks like.

Is there really a way to know pure honey? Itís a bit difficult but certainly there is a way to know. Purity test can easily be done at home to determine the quality of honey.

What is raw honey vs fake honey
All honey arenít created equally, raw honey produced from bees concentrated around flower nectars  are usually original and unadulterated. This type is unpasteurized, unprocessed and unheated. This type of honey is natural.
Type of honey that contains added sugar, corn, syrup, dextroses, molasses, flavours and other additives are regarded as fake, adulterated or artificial honeys.  This type may appear nice but the truth is, this type has lost most of its nutrients and nutritional values in the course of manufacturing process.
You can differentiate honey by simple examination of the physical properties. The following signs will help you tell the difference
Pure honey has characteristic sweet aroma unlike fake honey that usually have no aroma or small sour.
Consumption of pure honey causes mild burning sensation on throat unlike adulterated honey.
Adulteratd honey seperates into layers unlike pure honey.
Some edible natural impurities like pollen, micro wax particles and bee bread are seen in pure honey while fake honey lacks this impurities.
Pure honey has a smooth texture while fake honey has rough gritty feel.
Raw honey is very thick in consistency unlike fake honey that spreads very fast on a surface and runny.
Easy ways to identify pure honey
Choosing a good honey brand will afford you
All benefits of pure honey like quality, trust and health.  Yes, it is not so easy telling fake vs real honey apart.  Some tests will distinguish between the two. The following purity test can be done at home to answer the question how to know pure honey.

a) Thumb Test
If you dip your thumb into a jar of honey and the honey sticks to your thumb and stays then there is every reason to celebrate because what you have is pure honey.
If on the converse it spills around then I have bad news for you, youíve probably got yourself the adulterated honey.
b) Water test
Add a table spoon into a glass filled with water, fake honey dissolves and settle around the glass while real honey settles at the bottom of the glass.
C)  Fire test:
Dip a match stick into honey and remove; strike it on the match box like youíd normally do when youíre igniting fire. Real honey burns with ease while fake honey doesnít burn because it contains impurities like moisture.
D. Venegar test
Add some water and some drops of vinegar essence into honey and stir well. Adulterated honey will become foamy.
With the following test you can identify if your honey is pure honey. Honey is natureís best gift to mankind. If you find pure honey then youíve seen gold. It has antioxidant, antibacterial, flavonoids and antiseptic properties. Thatís why you should pay close attention while searching for the best honey.