Author Topic: How to treat constipation at home  (Read 414 times)


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How to treat constipation at home
« on: November 28, 2017, 11:13:25 PM »
Are you over burdened with the problems of constipation and you’re looking for ways to treat constipation at home? Almost everyone has had a bad share of constipation and its worrisome symptoms.
Most persons experience bowel movements upto three times daily while others twice daily or just once and its considered normal.
 Bowel movements interval exceeding three days is enough reason for alarm. Food in this persons remain in the digestive tract longer and more fluid is absorbed into the colon from the stool; the stool becomes very hard, dry and passage becomes painful and difficult. This is a simple explanation of the cycle that leads to constipation.

 Common causes of constipation
1.   Diets deficient in fiber
Fiber diets are pro-motility agents that help in gut cleaning. Defieciency of this in diets leads to accumulation of food particles and wastes leading to blockage of gut passage and ultimately constipation.

2.Sedentary lifestyle
Physical inactivity for example being bedridden  for weeks makes one prone to constipation. The explanation for this is that physical activity aids metabolism and digestion.
Certain drugs are known to cause constipation examples are antacids, chlorothiazide, imipramine an antidepressant, narcotics like hydromorphine.
4. Irritable Bowel syndrome  which is usually
Old age
Ageing slows metabolic processes and important body functions like digestion and ultimately lead to constipation.
6 Poor water intake
Dehydration causes more water to be reabsorbed from stool. This hardens the stool and causes constipation.
7. Delayed bowel emptying
This cause stool to spend longer than normal time in the colon, more fluid is absorbed and it hardens
How to treat constipation at home
1.   Eat fiber rich diet
Fibre containing foods like cereals, almonds, beans, vegetables, barley and fresh fruits helps  clean out the gastrointestinal tract by scrubbing food leftovers and waste particles helping treat constipation.
2.   Ginger or mint tea
Research says this two products helps in digestive issues. Methanol content of peppermint has antispasmodic properties that relaxes the digestive muscles  and permit rapid onward movement of food. Ginger causes increased heat generation in gastrointestinal tract propelling the digestion process by increasing metabolism.
3.Healthy fats
This helps in lubricating the tract and easing constipation examples are avocados, nuts and olive oil.
4.Lemon water
This contains citric acid that helps flush out wastes in the digestive tract. It works best by consuming a glass of fresh lemon juice early in the morning.
5. Coffe
This acts as a stimulant and helps increase metabolism thus speeding up bowel movement.
6. Raisins
It contains fiber and tartaric acid that  helps loosen stools.
7. Water
Helps in peristalsis and prevents constipation. Doctors recommends a glass of water on waking up.
8. Abdominal Massage
Helps relieve constipation by stimulating bowel movements muscles.
9. Honey
Serves as a natural laxative, loosens stool and prevents constipation.
10. Sitting position for stooling
This position opens up the colon and easier and speedy passage of faeces  can be achieved.