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Pediatrics Health / Treatment for unusual paediatric disease
« on: November 30, 2017, 02:39:04 PM »
My 8 year old son’s doctor kept stammering his words as he tried to explain to us why our son was so sick. He had called us into his office (which I had always heard was NOT a good sign) to tell us it looked like our son had cancer all in his abdomen.

I already had an idea of what the doctor was about to say. I had opened the large packet of (supposedly confidential) newly developed X-rays and held them up to the light in the elevator when my son and I were going back up to the doctor's office, and I didn't care, I did it right in front of all those elevator strangers.

They saw it too…a huge white glowing mass covering the left half of my son's abdomen. I muttered to my son without realizing it, “It looks like we've got trouble, little guy.” No one else in the elevator said a word.

The nurse kept my son company while the doctor spoke with his dad and me in his office. I began to softly cry, more so at the moment from the sheer frustration of trying so long and hard to get a diagnosis. I had known something was wrong with my son's health for years, as he always complained of severe pain right under his left ribs, yet I couldn't get anyone to take us seriously. I had taken him to several doctors for help, and he had even been hospitalized trying to find this pain.

This new doctor, originally from India and just out of a US medical school, found the problem in just under an hour.

The rest of the day was filled with an extended array of tests, with my son being such a good boy, even though he felt awful. At one point he looked at me so sweetly and asked why “tears kept falling from my eyes”.

“I've got a bad headache, honey. Mommy is okay,” I lied. I was worried to death.

I can't even begin to tell you the amount of people that began to show up to observe my son's subsequent tests as word spread in the hospital there was a possible Wilms Tumor diagnosis. This is a cancer, diagnosed in young children, of the kidney(s). All sorts of technologists and doctors in various fields were packed into each observation room as my son went through Ultrasounds, CT-Scans and MRI’s. I never complained about all the observers because in the confusion, they let me stay in there with the medical staff. I don't think they realized I was the mother watching each test being administered. I even asked a plethora of questions during each test, and they'd answer and explain.

After a long, arduous, draining day, it was 5 p.m. and it was pretty clear from test results my son's left kidney was filled with tumors. There were so many that his left kidney had stretched from under his lung to deep into his pelvis.

Emergency surgery was needed. His blood had become septic because uric acid was leaking from the kidney where the tumors were. My son was becoming sicker by the hour and a strange rash started covering his body the night before. I could hear my son's doctor, being new to the hospital, making urgent phone calls to various connections within the hospital to find out the exact protocol to set up surgery to save my son's life.

Please i would like to know if there are available treatments and what are my options?

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